Open Access Opinion

Mandalas in the Nursing Classroom

Audrey C Tolouian*

School of Nursing, The University of Texas at El Paso School, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 01, 2020;  Published Date:March 30, 2021


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, nursing education as it was known, was drastically changed. Classes were delivered in an online format, clinical experiences were cancelled and then re-created to be virtual, and the student community was essentially disbanded. This caused students and faculty to become discombobulated. Faculty had creating online courses added to their workloads with the creation of material that could be delivered virtually. They were unsure about maintaining clinical experiences and were generally put under a fair amount of stress, as many did not normally teach in the cyber world. Students were nervous about the quality of their education, they were scared to go into the clinical arena with the new virus, and they lost their sense of belonging.

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