Open Access Short Communication

Integrating Complementary Medicine in Support Programming for Gynecologic Oncology Patients

Emily Szafara1*, Jilian Levinson2, and Rachel Justus3

1Department of Social Work, Cancer Center Supportive Services, Mount Sinai, USA

2Woman Program Manager, Chelsea Medical Center at Mount Sinai, USA

3Environmental Medicine & Public Health, Mount Sinai, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date:July 13, 2023;  Published Date:August 08, 2023


Gynecologic cancer prevalence has grown significantly over the past decade. In 2022, the American Cancer Society reported ovarian and uterine cancers as the 5th and 6th leading causes of cancer related death in females [1]. Cancer has been shown to negatively impact the psychosocial well-being of a patient as a result of the emotional and physical demands of diagnosis and treatment. In tandem with standard medical treatment, alternative medicine practices have shown significant improvement in the overall quality of life of cancer patient’s [2]. Further, literature has shown an increasing number of cancer patients requesting complementary therapy practices during diagnosis and treatment. In a recent online survey of Mount Sinai Tisch Cancer Center patient’s preferences for amenities for a new hospital, patient responses demonstrated the increased need for alternative medicine approaches to patient care. Patient responses indicated massage, reiki, meditation/ mindfulness, and acupuncture as top choices for hospital amenities. Outside of structured survey responses, these needs are often revealed in assessments completed by the medical and social work teams. In an attempt to address the holistic needs of gynecologic oncology patients throughout the Mount Sinai Health System social workers are fortunate to be able to refer patients to the Woman-to- Woman Program.

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