Open Access Research Article

Exploration on “Preventive Treatment of Disease” Service Pattern of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai

Jin Chun Lin*, Li Fen and Chen Duo

Shanghai Health Development Research Center, Shanghai Medical Information Center, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 03, 2020;  Published Date:october 06, 2020


By piloting the “Preventive Treatment of Disease” service pattern in different health status, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) prevention healthcare service framework of Shanghai has been established led by tertiary TCM hospitals. Service teams are formed by health professionals from each level. The pilot also helps promote the equipment to assist services in pilot health institutions and establish a scientific research achievement transformation mechanism with the engagement of all levels of health institutions. Meanwhile, pilot experience is summarized, and policy suggestions are put forward on the long-term development of Shanghai “Preventive Treatment of Disease” healthcare service system.

Keywords:Traditional Chinese Medicine; Preventive Treatment of Disease; Preventive Healthcare; Exploration; Experience

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