Open Access Research Article

Explaining Acupuncture: Testing Traditional Chinese Medicine versus Western Biomedicine Explications

Bryan B Whaley1* and Michael J Ng2

1Professor, University of San Francisco, United States

2Optim Health and Acupuncture, Inc, United States

Corresponding Author

Received Date:March 02, 2023;  Published Date:March 27, 2023


Acupuncture is an increasing health-service option for those living America. With this influx of acupuncture practice is the need to understand the communicative issues involved, specifically the actual explanation of acupuncture to patients by nursing and other health practitioners. Currently, there are two explications -- Traditional Chinese Medicine and the one touted by Western Medicine. Through two separate studies, this investigation found that participants overwhelming preferred the Western Medicine explication in ratings of dependent measures and rankings of explanations, regardless of the ethnicity (i.e., Asian- or Euro-descent) of the doctor attributed to the explanation.

Keywords:Explaining illness; Acupuncture; TCM; Western Medicine

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