Open Access Commentary

Be Mindful of Mindful Practices: Integrating Successful Practice May Require Continuing Group Mindfulness Sessions

Susan Penque1* and Jacquelyn Rosen2

1Nursing Department, Long Island University-Post, Brookville, New York

2Professional Development, Mount Sinai South Nassau, Oceanside, New York

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 22, 2021;  Published Date:April 08, 2021


Mindfulness practices are both enlightening and enriching to the mind, body and soul. The art of mindfulness is a practice offered by various professional groups to aid one in becoming aware of their inner thoughts and feelings and responding in a positive, objective manner. With the COVID-19 pandemic among us, mindfulness practices assist many people cope with the anxiety and negativity from this viral devastation. To maximize the benefits of mindfulness, it is best practiced on a regular basis.

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