Open Access Case Report

Acupuncture and Propolis Combination May Be a Good Option for Herpes Zoster Treatment

Ayşegül Elbir Şahin1,2*, İsmail Şen1, Kadem Koç2 and Onur Öztürk1,3

1Samsun Training and Research Hospital, Traditional and Complementary Medicine Center, Turkey

2Samsun Training and Research Hospital, Anesthesiology and Reanimation Clinic, Turkey

3Samsun Training and Research Hospital, Family Medicine Clinic, Turkey

Corresponding Author

Received Date:March 13, 2023;  Published Date:April 17, 2023


Herpes zoster is a neurocutaneous disease usually caused by reactivation of the VZV latent in the sensory ganglia after primary infection. Many clinical studies and meta-analyses show that acupuncture treatments, alone or in combination with medical treatments, can reduce herpes zoster pain, skin lesions, and the incidence of postherpetic neuralgia. In this case report, acupuncture and propolis application in a patient admitted with the diagnosis of herpes zoster is presented.

Keywords:Herpes zoster; Acupuncture; Apitherapy; Propolis; Postherpetic neuralgia

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