Open Access Opinion Article

Psychomotor Evaluation: A Mandatory Requirement for CAM Continuing Education

Jodi Olmsted1* and John Aderholdt2

1RDH, PhD School of Health Sciences & Wellness, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, USA

2DC and LaC Chiropractor & Acupuncturist, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date:March 25, 2022;  Published Date:April 22, 2022


Many professions require continuing education (CE) to maintain professional licensure. The purpose of this opinion paper is recommending a shift from passive, lecture-based formats to learning requiring active engagement in CE sessions. Administrators and organizations offering CE should make a paradigm shift and begin requiring educational providers offering workshops and educational sessions begin using active engagement and psychomotor participation of its participants. For both traditional and complementary and alternative medicine practice, this would include mandating using psychomotor evaluation as part of evaluation for maintaining credentials for practice. Practitioners offering CE will need to become educators to make this transition from passive to active learning and psychomotor evaluation. Administrators and organizations will also need to change how they conduct hiring practices to assure CE providers can actively engage practitioners in their learning rather than passively sitting in a weekend lecture. These actions would require a seismic paradigm shift in the academy.

Keywords:Psychomotor evaluation; Complementary and alternative medicine; Academics; Clinical practice; Continuing education

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