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Hepatic Injury Induced by Moringa Oleifera with Rechallenge

Catarina Secundino1*, Vinicius Nunes2,3*, Sarah de Souza Lira Gameleira3, Maria Isabel Schinoni3 and Raymundo Paraná2,3

1Medical Student, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil

2IDOR Researcher, Brazil

3Gastroenterology Department, Hospital Universitário Professor Edgard Santos, Brazil

Corresponding Author

Received Date:January 30, 2022;  Published Date:May 17, 2022


Herb Induced Liver Injury (HILI) is a condition in which there is aggression to the liver tissue after exposure to substances present in many different medications, dietary supplements, herbs and xenobiotics. Diagnosing HILI is challenging given that many other causes must be previously excluded, but it should always be considered since it’s one of the most frequent causes of acute liver failure in the West. We report a case of a 60-yearold female who used Moringa oleifera and presented with fatigue and elevated liver enzymes, which resolved after she suspended its consumption.

Keywords:Case report; DILI; HILI; Moringa oleifera; Drumstick tree

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