Open Access Research Article

The Effects of Pornography on Adult Males’ Relationships

G Anne Vanderlaan* and Ellie Cinamon Jullian

Saybrook University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 03, 2019;  Published Date: June 24, 2019


The object of this research is to look at the effects of pornography on any subsequent addiction and the resulting influence on adult male relationships. It is important to note that in the surveyed literature, there are few sources available on the topic of the influence that pornography addictions have on personal relationships with males, or the effects on the relationships. The topic of pornography and specifically addiction to pornography appears taboo.

There is an underlying problem that pornography and the addiction to it seems to have religious undertones [1] without it being problematic, merely a way of life. That problem has a name, sexual addiction. The sexual addiction is not a compulsion or just a way of life. This addictive behavior of watching porn while masturbating has the slang term of Faping. Faping is a term for males only. The term used for females doing similar behavior is Schlick. This form of sexuality is a solo activity, not usually include other people or partners. Watching pornography brings about most of this form of sexual activity. Males tend to be more susceptible to developing addiction to pornography. Some scholars have discovered that pornography usage has a damaging link with sexual satisfaction in a relationship [2].

Within the last few years the Internet has become a morass of easily available sexual content pornography, including the ease of access to pornographic films, and prolific observations of practices taboo to most of our society. Mulac, Jansma and Linz [3] research showed that men and women using pornography experience divorce more often than men and women who are stimulated by other elements, and do not use pornography for personal arousal. The primary effects of pornographic consumption while in on-going relationships negatively affected relationships with a link to infidelity, provoked by lack of commitment in the relationship. [3] When a man views pornography he is not as satisfied with his partners sexual expression or the way their partner looks. Men who indulge in pornography appeared to act out the dominance he witnessed in the pornographic scene and tended to not be concerned about his partners feeling or needs in the sexual pleasure or the relationship. There may be reason to believe that using pornography might impair the committed relationship [4]. The research shows the effects of pornography worsens relationships decreasing levels of sexual intimacy [5].

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