Open Access Opinion Article

The Art of Self-Care

Susan Ridley*

Creative Arts Therapy, West Liberty University, USA.

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 18, 2022;  Published Date: May 31, 2022


This paper discusses the risks associated with social distancing, self-isolation, and preventative measure imposed to stop community spread of COVID-19. These includes disruption of daily routines for children and teens, adverse effects on older adults and those with disabilities trapped in their homes, risk of burnout of health care workers on front lines, and the stigma attached to the disease. Mental health issues have been neglected in the drive to treat physical symptoms of burnout. Although the true impact of the pandemic on mental health and substance use has not been calculated, the author offers suggestions to mitigate these risks. Activities include creating daily rituals, a safe space and sanctuary, expressing gratitude for what is working, and engaging in a variety of creative activities such as music, visual arts, movement-based creative expression, and creative writing. Examples of each of these activities include creating daily rituals, a safe space or sanctuary, practicing gratitude, mindfulness and meditation activities, and activating creativity through music, visual art, dance/movement, and creative writing.

Keywords: Creative arts therapy; Art therapy; Music; Dance; Movement; Creative writing; Self-care; Mental health; Substance abuse; COVID-19; Coronavirus, pandemic

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