Open Access Research Article

Reflections on School Violence from A Psychosocial Perspective

Maribel Garcia Rivera1 and Nestor Raul Porras Velasquez2*

1 Psychologist at the Catholic University of Colombia

2Psychologist at the National University of Colombia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 07, 2018;  Published Date: January 10, 2019


The main objective of this article is to conceptual reflection of elements on the new Provide Discourses of school violence from a psychosocial perspective, to think About the interpersonal relationships That emerges in the school world. The methodology was the documentary analysis. The results show how in the logic of the discourse of violence in Educational Institutions is strongly supported by the discourse of science and the technologies of the self. The conclusions point out That the monitoring and production of docile subjectivities are not only possible but desirable as Proposed Also for the world of the school.

Keywords: Social psychology; School violence; Psychosocial perspective; Social discourse

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