Open Access Opinion

Genetic Main Components for Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

Manuel Ojea Rúa*

Department of Analysis and Psychosocial-Educational Intervention, University of Vigo, Spain

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 04, 2020;  Published Date: February 10, 2020


On Scientific Research Institute, that belongs to Autism- TRASCOS Association of Ourense (Spain), currently, a research was carried out regarding most significant explanatory predictive components related causal indicators of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), with main aim of detecting the variables that explain the formation of diagnosis criteria and, therefore, to be able establish the most effective key principles for prevention and adaptation of psycho- development, social and educational. Globally, in preliminary conclusions can be affirmed for 200 participants, the most significant components of predictive perspective of this disorder are integrated of presence of genes very specific, which are present during corresponding karyotype studies performance [1,2].

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