Open Access Research Article

From Stressed Self-Esteem to Emotional Climate Change

Georg Franck*

Institute for Architectural Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 17, 2019;  Published Date: January 14, 2020


In a world of global interdependence, in addition to the well-known climate change, another form of pollution threatens coexistence on the planet: an increasing heating of the emotional climate and concomitant corruption of cooperative behaviour. Waves of hostility, incitement and disinformation circulate around the world, massive threats and baseless allegations spread virally. They threaten our coexistence on the planet no less than the careless handling of natural resources. We risk a dangerous erosion of the social context. In addition to the ecology of material natural resources, we urgently need an ecology of emotion. The parallels and connections between physical global warming and mental climate warming are astonishing, and it is astounding that they have been ignored for so long (see Dorothea Franck, Emotional Climate Heater, online https: //dorotheafranck.word /).

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