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Doctor-Mindedness, Substance Abuse and Addiction Including Alcoholism and Hero-Minded Gung-Ho Pop-Media Culture Regarding the Industrialisation of the Health System and A Media Industry for Profit Promoting Illness Whilst Arguing Recovery Activation and the Holistic Role of the Media Industry

Tumanako William Hongi Pugh*

Mental Health Community Leader and Role Model for the Peer Support Community, Australia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: May 04, 2019;  Published Date: May 31, 2019


Addiction is a complex health issue that more than likely will eventually lead to an early death or serious health issues and/or serious mental health issues if unarrested by neither taming each of our own individual and collective ritualistic arrangements in regards to how we, each of our own selves, view addiction, consumption of a product, substance abuse, chemical toxicity, body health, mental illness and the mind state yet is influenced primarily by each of our own family engagements, activities and primary imprinting of family values and/or principles, if any, upon the young and therefrom influence and affect working roles regarding social agreements and the particular drug of choice we use [1].

In that if such drug-like pill popping-like addictions of addictive behaviour, what such an addiction is, goes unchecked and un-remedied such issues may flair up time and time again, over and over again to thereby impair ones’ well-being, perception and thoughts therefore altering each of our own lives around each of our own selves and addictions collectively as a human race gathered around drug institutionalism impairing society by impaired Doctors providing instant relief rather than holistic cures nor otherwise real wholesome preventative measures gathered around full health driving overall well-being and empowered lives without illness whilst only promote the illness and the over-looking of key underlying issues that present themselves at times of change affecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities of patients and clients over time whilst altering their patient lives altogether.

That substance abuse, alcoholism and the intrinsic behaviours that present themselves whilst inebriated and/or under the influence of substances will definitively impair each of our own individual realities to therefore make impaired decisions without true insight for each of our own selves and others entirely yet meanwhile places each of our own lives at risk whilst may also place the lives of others at risk altogether including children.

That such behaviour presented relate to the psychology of drug addiction and the nature of substance abuse, alcoholism and mocking-like behaviour yet meanwhile explains also the nature of a gung-ho industry and the incomplete encapsulation of illness and an unhealthy Earth in regards to the portrayal of heroism and heroine acts of sacrifice portrayed in the media, on television and within cinematography mediums [2].

That due to the nature of media and the portrayal of illness, mental illness and yet meanwhile also the placement of drugs and addiction in each of our own lives as children affects each of our own realities and promotes the ill-behaviour of impaired viewpoints and realities thereon in, therefore, promotes illness, death and disease within families and society as a whole.

In that such behaviours expressed herein are but acts re-enacting the presentation of relative information being incomplete and without truth related to the heavens, earth and hell yet relate also to the incomplete evidence presented by inhumane consciousness imprinting upon the minds of the young and finally to act out from the power of personal choice to say “no” or otherwise the free will to concede and say “yes”, yet, herein being made as being entirely contained complete by observations over time.

Yet finally concluding that recovery is indeed possible that surgeons know that hope is always present no matter how small such hope is held onto by surgeons and patient yet as hope is always available hope can manifest itself to alter the nature of surgery, pain and the lives of others altogether as one.

In that as life is life and there is a hope for all mankind to be greeted to their maker so be it!

That there is indeed a hope in recovery to recover well fully enlivened and well- balanced, fully well and healthy, fully clean and obstinate and fully empowered with hope thereon upon the decision made primarily and first step to seek recovery and break the cycle of deterioration into death due to addiction by a connection with others felt true and the connections with the All-Creator and the self as being altogether real.

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