Open Access Mini Review

Cultural Addiction and Ritualistic Agreements Regarding Family Engagements Working Roles and Social Agreements Made Thereof

Tumanako William Hongi Pugh*

Mental Health Community Leader and Role Model for the Peer Support Community, Australia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 04, 2019;  Published Date: January 23, 2019


Cultural addiction and ritualistic agreements regarding family engagements, working roles and social agreements made thereof details the nature of a culture of addiction equating across human and animal communities and also environments yet how such cultural and social environments impact upon individual decision making processes regarding addiction, tastes for pleasure and such social agreements agreed there upon by a cultural value put to the herd mentality, leadership roles, team building and the family dynamic governing groups and each of our own individual taste and appetite related to addiction and such habitual agreements made thereof yet meanwhile the engagement furthermore of the recovery of communities, cultures and environments by a collective of individuals yet in articulation in regards to how such a relationship exists within human society and nature.

Of which relates to rehabilitation centres, early intervention centres, prisons, gaols, mental health facilities and recovery based communities alike unto Peer Support and how such models equate inclusively across the animal kingdom regarding rehabilitation, addiction, illness, impairment, toxic environments and those humanitarian social agreements made by contrast endorsing, implementing, initiating and empowering a recovery based community governing individuals by a fraternity and a recovery based institution gathered around reducing recidivism, relapse and institutionalisation yet meanwhile empowering those impacted individuals with hope to re-integrate back into society and/or back into nature or the wild.

By a health model driving mental health as being one of abstinence and recovery activation into recovery and the community engagement processes thereof empowering themselves and others through connectivity, hope, empowerment, personal choice, commonality and story-telling shared rites of passage yet meanwhile the initiation processes into L.O.R.E and the LAW entirely as one.

Regarding the recovery activation processes and community engagements that one such individual may consider time after time by engaging in the community engagement processes in personal empowerment in further self-ownership, self-validation, selfempowerment, self-analysis, self-understanding, self-awareness, self-knowingness and self-reflection yet meanwhile utilising the creativity of the mind regarding the Arts and Education to rise out of the shadows and into the light of a new days dawn as recovered lives with hope therefore as always endorsing Psychological Models of mind, body, soul and spirit whilst meanwhile incorporating the dynamic nature of the individual.

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