Open Access Research Article

Counseling Intern Self-Efficacy and The Big Claw Metaphorical Activity: A Qualitative Empirical Study

Michael Maxwell*

Counseling and Higher Education, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 25, 2019;  Published Date: November 08, 2019


The purpose of the current qualitative study was to demonstrate the efficacy of an innovative instructional strategy for assessing self-efficacy of counselors-in-training. The results of the study provide the themes that emerged from the collected data. The assignment and script offer an innovative way for counselor educators to assess their counseling intern students’ levels of self-efficacy by use of the Big Claw Metaphorical Activity. It was concluded that this activity may assist counselor educators in helping to develop counseling interns’ levels of self-efficacy when working with clients in counseling.

Keywords: Counselor; Intern; Self-Efficacy; Qualitative; Instruction

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