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A Future Concept in Material Science

MRS Heritier1*, TL Bolognesi2, KS Peanuts3, A Postellmann1 and R Albosini1

1Material Department, University of the Soon to Be Independent Republic, Switzerland

2Advanced Research on Hills, Bolognese University, Italy

3Department of Peanuts and Quinoa, Spanish Muchos Superioros University, Spain

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 27, 2019;  Published Date: October 01, 2019


We present a future concept in material science, which we believe will lead to solve many problems researchers have experienced in the past. Our new method is a step forward to conceptualizing key experiments in material science and will provide researchers among the world an important tool towards realizing their goals. Of interest is the dynamic range, a fundamental physical variable of which description enables further developments in scientific studies.

Keywords: Material Science; Republic; Dynamic Range; Raclette


Nowadays, the universe has always been developed like a bread with raisins: an expansion towards the infinity whose range is also dynamic. From the Wiener-Kitschin Theorem, this dynamic range is of uttermost importance. The theorem which can be derived from the fundamental calculous has been proven numerously through the ages and will not be discussed further here.

Of bigger importance is the equation 2 presented in most eminent and respectful professor Lasky work “A Simple Equation Results in Decades of Technical Fun” 1 which corelates directly to the age of the universe and its dynamic range.


When I first saw this equation I though, surely, you’re joking Mr. Lasky! But then the beauty of it started its unravelling and suddenly I was awake.

But of even bigger importance is the beauty of the soon-to-beindependent Republic™ of Valais, with its breathtaking mountains, its fighting cows, its great wine, and finally, the most delicious dish ever invented by manking, the Raclette. But never ever even think about making a Raclette cheese with pasteurized milk, this is one of the saddest things you could ever do.

As said in a great study made by a great man, the key concept to happiness is to sing the following song:

Quel est ce pays merveilleux?

Que je chéris où je suis né.

Où l’alpe blanche jusqu’aux cieux,

Élève son front courroné!

Vallée où le Rhone a son cours,

Noble Pays de mes amours,

C’est toi, c’est toi mon beau Valais!

Reste à jamais, Reste à jamais, Reste mes amours!

And like that peace will be brought to the world and everyone will live happily ever after.


The authors would like to thank Doris Lotharius for his contribution in the motivational domain. None of this would have been possible without the great help of the Punk, who we warmly thank.

Conflict of Interest

No conflict of interest.

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