Open Access Mini Review

Utilization of Nanomaterials in Conductive Smart- Textiles: A Review

Bapan Adak1,2*

1Product Development Department, Kusumgar Corporates Pvt. Ltd, India

2Department of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 24, 2021;  Published Date: April 08, 2021


Recently, conductive textiles are being utilized extensively in a wide range of smart applications such as sensors, textile batteries, supercapacitors, electrostatic discharge clothing, heating textiles and many more. This review highlights the role of various conductive nanomaterials in developing conductive textiles. Different conductive nanomaterials, their advantages and disadvantages, their potential for improving conductivity of textiles and various applications of conductive textiles have been summarized in this review.

Keywords: Conductive textiles; CNT; Graphene; MXene; Nanocoating; Polymer nanocomposite

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