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Thoughts on the Future of Data Analytics Education in College Fashion Curricula

Dr. Les Sztandera*

School of Business, Thomas Jefferson University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 08, 2020;  Published Date: June 24, 2020


The fashion industry is being transformed, as once valuable brands find themselves being increasingly commoditized. As the middle price point brands change their differentiating strategies, the effect percolates to the top designers as well, forcing everyone in the industry to carefully examine the evolving nature of advantage in the market. This response is certainly going to be influenced by college graduates entering the industry. Thus, education for students preparing to enter fashion industry will need to entertain a vast array of data analytics technologies.

Keywords: Data analytics; College fashion curricula

Abbreviations: TJU: Thomas Jefferson University; FMM: Fashion Merchandizing and Management: MBA - Master of Business Administration

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