Open Access Mini Review

Study on the Influence of Modular Design of Garment on Market Innovation

Feng Zhou, Miaomiao Hu and Yu Zhao*

Southwest University, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 21, 2020;  Published Date: August 04, 2020


With the continuous improvement of the public aesthetic, people have stronger self-awareness about garment, creative and diverse garment has gradually become the mainstream in the market. In order to obtain more living space, enterprises must improve the utilization rate of garment innovation elements, optimize design resources, shorten the design and production cycle of garment, and maximize the design target value. By refining the design process, the modular design of garment forms directional design standards for the design of various components of garment, which greatly improves the flexibility and efficiency of garment production. The modular mode, from design method to application process, has a profound influence on the innovative development of the current garment market. Therefore, this paper explores the feasibility of modular design of garment in the market, its potential of development, and forward-looking guidance for the developing trend of modular design of garment in the garment design.

Keywords: Garment design; Modular design of garment; Market innovation

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