Open Access Review Article

South Asian Textile and Clothing Trade and Advances in Digitalization, Industry 4.0; A Review

Rohana Kuruppu*

RMIT University, Australia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 17, 2018;  Published Date: October 25, 2018


It will be useful to mention at the very outset about China before embarking on South Asian textile and Clothing trade. China is still dominating the textile and clothing trade world over and by far, the largest producer and exporter of this sector during 2017. China increased their textile and clothing exports by 1.5%, from US$254,948mn in 2016 to US$258,867mn in 2017 [1]. Their share of world textile and clothing exports have remained unchanged during the year 2017. The production of textiles in China grew in 2017. Further, Chinese retail sales of clothing and footwear have shown a remarkable increase in 2017.

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