Open Access Research Article

Saturated Fatty Acids Derivatives as Assistants Materials for Textile Processes

Ahmed G Hassabo*, Sahar Sharaawy and Amina L Mohamed

National Research Centre, Egypt

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 30, 2018;  Published Date: Novmber 14, 2018


Many auxiliaries have been used in textile industries in dry or wet processes. One of the important based materials is fatty acids and its derivatives. The present work aims at preparing some textile auxiliaries based on saturated fatty acids. Six different materials were used to react with each fatty acid. Produced materials have been characterised using FT-IR, HLB and cloud point. Based on the HLB values, produced materials have been used as softeners or as O/W emulsifiers (printing paste). Treated fabrics with softeners show a very good physical and mechanical properties and printed fabrics with prepared pastes shows a good printing paste with good prints characteristics (colour strength and colour fastness).

Keywords: Saturated fatty acid, Hydrophilic -Lipophilic Balance, Textile softeners, O/W emulsifiers

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