Open Access Research Article

Running Shoe Experience

Kaitlyn E Lund and Trevor J Little*

Wilson College of Textiles, North Carolina State University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 21, 2021;  Published Date: May 05, 2021


Running is one of the most popular sports worldwide. While considerable research has been conducted on how various aspects of running shoes may affect a runner, research on why runners wear the shoes they choose is limited. Running shoe manufacturers do not possess a reliable method with which to purposely customize and prescribe functional shoe characteristics to meet the requirements of a specific user group. This research aimed to determine if more detailed shoe market segmentation is possible for runners. The survey of 1,472 runners determined that runners are primarily concerned with their perceived comfort in a shoe. More research would be recommended on the topic; and it is possible to define comprehensive shoe market segmentation for runners. Customization of running shoes to correctly fit runners faithfully has the prospect of being the next big running shoes innovation.

Keywords: Athletic footwear; Running shoes; Running; Pronation

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