Open Access Review Article

Profile of the Fashion E-Consumers: A Key for Online Fashion Business Success

Shuvo K Kundu*

Central Michigan University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 05, 2018;  Published Date: November 19, 2018


Online Shopping is now a well-known term for the people of all ages. With the expansion of technologies and increasing use of internet, online market is blooming at a noticeable rate. Competition among online companies to increase sale by create new customer, make their shopping cart full, and make customers repurchase. To do this companies need to have an idea on cluster of their target customer and customers’ demand. Researcher trying to group homogenous customers based on different parameters for decades. The purpose of this study was to review profile of online customer investigated by researcher in the past and summarize. This study reviewed customer profiles from different perspective such as Shopping Orientation, Lifestyle Factors, E-Retailer’s Attributes, and Demographics. More than hundred published research were studied from where forty studies were cited in this study. The significance of this research was to understand how customers of a profile also related to other parameters of different profile and understand combined characteristic of a group of customer form different profile studied by different researchers. This study found relation between consumers of different type and multiple construct of online shopping.

Keywords: Online; Online shopping; Online shoppers; Online market; E-Shopper; E-Commerce; Internet; Fashion.

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