Open Access Research Article

Multivariate Analysis for Fleece Types Classification in Argentine Llamas

Frank EN1,2*, Brodtman LI1 and Hick MH1,2

1Univ Católica de Córdoba–IRNASUS-CONICET, Argentina

2Univ Nacional de La Rioja, Sede Chamical, Argentina

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 27, 2019;  Published Date: July 05, 2019


The types of cover or types of fleece have been identified in various species and breeds [1] and described in various works in cashmere-producing criollo goats [2], in alpacas [3] and in argentine Llamas [4,5]. The types of fleeces are made up of different types of fibers and at different frequencies within fiber types, in Llamas of Argentina [4]. Something similar happens with the types of fleece Huacaya and Suri in Alpacas [3].

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