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Make (A Wish upon the Stars) - Handcraftsmanship Work and New Generations, an Arising Love Affair, Hand in Hand

Alberto Campagnolo*

Visiting Professor, Fujen Catholic University, Taiwan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 28, 2020;  Published Date: May 13, 2020


There is no apparel and accessories luxury without exceptional human and technical skills. Nowadays it is evident that - after the recent economic crisis - also the Covid-19 pandemic is profoundly reshaping the meaning and the goals of the “fashion education” term, as well as of its professional landscape. Many are the signals for a new promising dawn, from the DIY to the recent academies founded by several fashion brands that want to push the envelope in the direction of the “trans-generational” passage excellent tradition. The role of “hand-made” and “made in” is more and more seductive for the millennial and the new generations that may meaningfully find a gateway towards the luxury and the fashion world. There is a “manual intelligence” that is fairly and finally rediscovered. Like in the culinary world, also in fashion the manual work is achieving a new glamour and even coolness, maybe unexpected but full of potential. How can fashion brands and academies ride this trend in order to give an extra boost to their engagement and rejuvenation process?

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