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Impact of Cultural Trends and Consumer Perception on Brand Reputation in Emerging Clothing Brands of Pakistan

Tabinda Tabassum1, Umer Hameed2* and Sundas Fatima1

1University of Management & Technology, Pakistan

2National Textile University, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 22, 2020;  Published Date: November 06, 2020


The contemporary view of consumers about a brand is based on norms, dogmas, attitudes and practices that constitute lifestyle of people. The process, by which an individual chooses, sorts out and considers a favorable fashion brand to show his life patterns, is the absolute picture of the fashion world. Therefore, brand reputation is an indicator to make a decision to buy new clothes according to cultural norms and values in a society. The fundamental point of this examination is to foresee and to upgrade learning about the idea of brand reputation which has stimulated in Pakistan with social patterns of emerging clothing brands. It aims to investigate whether social ideals and consumer’s perception can influence brand reputation. The examination will base on a quantitative report in different scopes of Pakistan. Secondary data is used. Exploratory research approach will be utilized to define issues more precisely. Cultural Trends, Consumer Perception and Brand Reputation are three primary hypotheses of the research. The reason of research is to recognize cultural cues and consumer behavior on brand reputation towards emerging clothing brands of Pakistan. An exploratory linear method design with a convenient strategy is implemented. This examination has used a self-controlled review survey to test size of 200 reporters with an offer of 56 guys with rate of 28.0% respondents and 144 females with rate of 72.0% respondents. There will be used non-probability (convenient) sampling design. Reliability Analysis will be used to measure the instrument and researcher will also calculate pilot study. Hypothesis will test through Regression Analysis. The data collected from the survey will be analyzed using the Statistic Package for sociology. The reliability analysis of the adopted instrument of this investigation is conducted on total sample size on n=200 actual respondents. Overall Cronbach’s Alpha of questionnaire is 0.87. Researcher used SPSS version 22 for the analysis of collected data. According to results of Regression Analysis Model, Hypothesis 1 and 2 are significant and positive. The study is to ascertain the reason that how much brand reputation/ image is influenced by cultural trends and consumer perception.

Keywords: Cultural trends; Consumer perception; Brand reputation; Brands of Pakistan

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