Open Access Research Article

Exploring Consumers’ Understanding and Evaluation of their Ethical Consumption and Disposition

RayeCarol Cavender1*, Alexandra Howell2, Julie L Hillery3, V Ann Paulins4 and Iva Jestratijevic3

1University of Kentucky, USA

2Meredith College, USA

3The Ohio State University, USA

4Ohio University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 29, 2019;  Published Date: April 02, 2019


The apparel industry is in the midst of a watershed moment for corporate sustainability initiatives, with a growing number of organizations setting measurable sustainability targets across their supply chains (e.g., sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, operations) where the bulk of the ecological and social impact of the sector lies [3]. Despite the increased corporate accountability for the company-facing responsibilities of sustainability, the consumer group that is actively engaged in sustainable consumption, or “consumption that simultaneously optimizes the environmental, social, and economic consequences of acquisition, use, and disposition in order to meet the needs of both current and future generations,” remains a niche segment [27].

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