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Development of False Ceiling Board Using Indigenous Sheep Wool Fiber Reinforcement/Gypsum Matrix Composite

Etsehiwot Yisma W/Amanuel1, Fekade Dejene Mengesha2 and Awoke Fenta Wodag1*

1Ethiopian institute of Textile and Fashion Technology Bahir, Dar University, Ethiopia

2Wolkite University, department of Textile engineering, Ethiopia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 25, 2021;  Published Date: April 07, 2021


A false ceiling is a ceiling made beneath the main ceiling of the room, building and other related applications. In this research Composite ceiling board based on short wool fibers and gypsum was developed by hand lay-up process. A three-factor two-level experimental design central composite design method was applied to develop the composites and explore the contribution of each parameter on mechanical properties. The present investigation focuses on the physical and mechanical characterization of the sheep wool fiber-reinforced polymer-matrix composites and studies the development and Characterization of indigenous sheep wool fiber reinforced gypsum matrix composite. Gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) as matrix and wool as reinforcement would be used as light-weight material for false ceiling board. Experimental investigation has been carried out to find out the effect of wool fiber at different weight percentages starting from 10 to 35 %. 100 KN servo hydraulic universal testing machine was used to test specimen. The optimum proportion of the raw materials were identified using central composite design and the results are, 30% fiber, 70% gypsum and parallel fiber arrangement, Regarding to the optimum value, mechanical properties such as tensile strength, compressive strength and cross arrangement for bending strength of the composite material were characterized. The result showed that the maximum tensile strength was 7.6N/ mm2, compressive strength was 6.6N/mm2 and bending strength is 5.4N/mm2. As a result, indigenous sheep wool fiber as reinforcement of false ceiling board has better mechanical properties than other wood, wood with fiber-based composite.

Keywords: Indigenous sheep; Wool fiber; Gypsum; Fiber orientation; False ceiling board; Fiber-gypsum ratio

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