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Design and Production of Beads Woven Fabric in Fashion Trends for Garments of Egyptian Origin

Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar*

Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 15, 2019;  Published Date: December 03, 2019


Objectives: The continuity and revival of the heritage and raise the level of artistic taste, and to be inherited from the artworks a source of innovation to produce works of art serving different areas, to become a community of traditional Egyptian arts beads distinctive that emphasizes self-belonging to the environment for fashion trends.

Methodology: The article followed the descriptive, analytical and experimental approach. This article was limited to the study of Egyptian clothes for traditional beads woven fabric in fashion trends for garments of Egyptian origin.

Data sources and methods of collection: The field study was conducted using a number of sources to obtain the most accurate and objective article data. These included: personal interview, observation, and systematic recording of data and information through codification, photography and illustrations obtained through the above, get it from the engravings and experience the different ways to make sure it is correct.

Results and discussion: The structure of beads is the most common. The beads are made of natural materials that were within easy reach of the hands and made from the silt available on the surface of the earth for easy formation and drying. Beads were used in all cultures and at all times during different historical eras. It had a fascinating effect across the globe. And its various purposes, it was important in decoration and decoration, as was a manifestation of wealth. The structural structure of the beadwork was one of the ancient works of ancient civilizations. Such as necklaces and wide belts that covered the chest and buttocks of ancient Egyptian women. The pharaohs used beads as individual units or as a composite set in decorative units. The beads industry has been considered valuable skill since ancient times. This craft was secreted for centuries. In the history of mankind, man invented the various ways of decoration using beads until he reached the same developments in the industry, where he made in large quantities and from many different raw materials and in innovative forms with advanced techniques for his importance in modern fashions.

Keywords: Beads woven fashion trends; Garments; Egyptian origin

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