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Cultural Work Instruments in Fashion Technology - Practical Method of Generating Emotional Design

Marlena Pop1*, Stefan Toma2, Nora Frigy1 and Alexandru Manuel Pop2

1National RDI Institute of Textile and Leather, Romania

2University of Art and Design, Romania

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 21, 2018;  Published Date: August 16, 2018


Clothing fashion technologies, from yarn to clothing, are some of the oldest cultural technologies of humanity, integrated into both the public and domestic space of life [1]. The artistic and cultural imaginary, predominantly feminine, has found an ideal place of expression, because the tradition of social and cultural praxis has a millenary individuality and continuity [2]. In the 21st century, in a context of globalization of economies and technologies, cultural technologies strike a discordant note because they work based on cultural icons, and specific societal imaginary [3]. In this field, Technical engineering, informatic (logic-mathematical) and cultural (cognitive-emotional) languages need to find a common denominator to respond to the complexity of consumers’ demands for modern products. Interdisciplinary approaches should not remain only at academic or technological level, transdisciplinary may be a holistic key to the success of some disciplines, in the context in which co-creation and collaborative design are nowadays common in leadership and user-oriented creation. Emotional design and art science have become increasingly attractive research directions in many interdisciplinary art programs that rely on the many novelties of science and technology, as well as the research of metaphor or visual semiotics. This is the academic world, but the reality of creative and cultural industries is much closer to crafts and a digital world that is used only as commercial support or product development. The article presents the laboratory verification, together with students, of a method of generating the emotional, practical design of product creation by using a mix of cultural instruments, a method substantiated by the main author of this article. The purpose of this practical method is to make creative individuals aware of the importance of cultural work instruments in fashion technologies.

Keywords: Cultural work instrument; Artistic imaginary; Emotional design; Fashion technology

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