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Cultural Sustainability in the Creative Surface Design of Fashion Products of Eco-Textile and Eco-Leather Material Structures

Marlena Pop*

National Research and Development Institute for Textile and Leather (INCDTP), Romania

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 09, 2019;  Published Date: September 16, 2019


The concept of cultural sustainability of products is based on the principle of their durability in time, which requires a slowdown in serialization, production and consumption, and an increase in added value and creative personalization, with emphasis on cultural identity visual semiotics.

The concept of cultural sustainability of products is more largely applied in industry and visual culture, having as fundamental tools the imaginary of each cultural heritage, Basically the whole arsenal of cultural anthropology of humanity along with individual creativity and imagistic prognoses of new ecological philosophical concepts [1,2]. From the point of view of a scientific discourse on the culture of sustainability, it can be demonstrated by the state-of-the-art in the field of textile design that this is necessary both at the level of the academic institutions in which the future designers are trained, and in the economic, industrial and social environment in which both makers and consumers of these products are found.

Surface Design is an interface between material, technology and consumer, being both a scientific and technical interface and a socio-cultural one. On the substrate of a raw, ecologic material by its nature, processing technologies operate bringing a high-quality material structure to the semiprocessed stage for the creative industries where the fashion industry is an important cultural peak. As a semi-processed product, leather expresses only its value as a material, because the added value is only reflected by an efficient surface design. Surface design is not just a type of finish, it is an art-science act that, if well-known and coordinated, can be spectacular and sustainable at the same time [3].

Creative Design Laboratory experiments conducted by interdisciplinary teams with researchers and students in the visual arts, will highlight the structure of cultural sustainability in fashion products, associated with the scientific sustainability of textile and leather structures, oriented towards the ecology of materials [4].

Keywords: Cultural sustainability; Eco textile; Eco leather; Creative surface design

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