Open Access Research Article

Costume Color: The Representation of Bangladeshi Tradition and Cultural Revival

SM Minhus1 and Liang Huie1,2*

1Department of Textiles & Clothing, Jiangnan University, China

2Department of Art & Design, Wuxi Institute of Arts & Technology, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 15, 2021;  Published Date: April 08, 2021


The representation of traditional color in costumes is a unique phenomenon of cultural revival in Bangladesh. In order to explore the study context, seven colors were revealed as Bangladeshi traditional costume colors, namely- red, white, green, yellow, and orange, reddish-orange (rO), and orange-yellow (OY) from the theoretical concepts. Through the analytical method from the survey data, it was disclosed that the Bangladeshi traditional costume colors have a strong correlation and factor loading. Among all the mentioned colors, the main traditional costume colors were obtained from the color preference of different professional groups who participated in the survey process. Besides, the obtained main traditional costume colors have significant value and a strong impact on reviving the costume tradition in the modern-era that encourages further depth study.

Keywords: Bangladeshi tradition; Color concept; Costume; Cultural revival; Preference; Decorations

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