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Consumer-Feedback Driven- Chain Powers China’s E-Commerce

Fuyi Li*

University of International Economic Research, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 26, 2019;  Published Date: March 01, 2019


Recently, the incredible rise of a Chinese e-commerce start-up, Pinduoduo (PDD), has attracted the attention of global capital. PDD, the Shanghai-based social e-commerce company providing daily groceries and home appliances, went public raising $1.6 billion in July, which is more expensive than Facebook’s IPO and one of the largest deals of the year. Nasdaq evaluated PDD as “it polishes New York’s tech IPO crown”. Surpassing and competing against Alibaba, the biggest two e-commerce companies in China, PDD just takes 3 years to crack the highly consolidated China’s e-commerce market. How young PDD accomplish this? What’s the crucial force lead to the achievement? Is the force a common thing during Chinese e-commerce tycoon’s development? [1].

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