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Comparative Analysis of Comfort Properties of Bio- Mimetic Branching Structured Plant Fabrics with Commercial Fabrics

Sarkar Manas Kumar1*, Chen Qing2 and Fan Jintu1*

1Institute of Textiles and Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

2Shanghai International Fashion Innovation Center, Donghua University, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 23, 2020;  Published Date: January 08, 2021


In this research, comfort property, in terms of water absorption and breathability, of noble two and three-layered branching plant structured fabrics of different weights were compared with existing market fabric samples. Besides, a simple model was derived to understand the water flow through the branching structured fabrics against a regular parallel structured one. The model suggests that branching structured materials can faster transport water against the parallel one. Experimental results suggested that branching structured plant fabrics have immense advantages in terms of instant absorption, vertical wicking, in-plane spreading, and breathability of similar weighted market fabrics. The research proved that these branching structured plant fabrics have a lot of potentials to be used as lightweight dress materials for the summer.

Keywords: Branching structured fabric; Biomimetic; Absorption; Wicking; Breathability

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