Open Access Conceptual Paper

A Conceptual Model of Listening Effectiveness and Agile Selling Behavior: Moderating Effect of E-Communication and Consumption Pattern

Shahriar Gias*

Slippery Rock University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 19, 2019;  Published Date: January 03, 2020


This article examines the importance of the salespeople listening effectiveness in relation to sales performance and purchase intention. Subsequently, it also investigates how sales agility, decision making style, e-communication and types of consumption goals moderates the relationship between listening effectiveness and sales performance as well as purchase intention. A total of six hypotheses have been developed for empirical testing purpose. The result shows that salespeople listening skill is crucial for the organization success and gaining competitive advantages over others and indeed it is strongly and positively related to the sales performance and purchase intention. Finally, managerial implication and future research direction have been proposed.

Keywords: Sales agility; Hedonic; Utilitarian; Adaptive selling; E-communication

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