Open Access Opinion Article

Increasing Nursing Retention to Reduce Financial Costs

Wen Hsing Yang*

Department of Nursing, Long Island University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date:March 01, 2021;  Published Date:March 08, 2021


Nurses play a major role in health care setting, providing the daily care to patients. Being a new graduate nurse is not easy especially when there is a great difference between the education environment and the real world of hospitals. New Graduate Registered Nurses (NGRNs) require additional support to adopt and adjust to the working environment. If not properly acclimated to the hospital environment, statistics show many new nurses leave their initial positions within the first two years of their hiring. To lower this statistic, appropriate decision-making skills, real world hospital knowledge and confidence building can be obtained through a variety learning methods. By participating in nursing residency, mentorship and specialized orientation programs, NGRNs are less likely to leave their initial positions thus saving the hospital the cost of retraining new nurses and using temporary nursing staff. Recent studies and statistics show the cost benefit of these training programs for NGRNs.

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