Open Access Research Article

Improving Nursing Documentation via Reducing the Written Work Load

Anaiz Ahmed1*, Nasreen Rafiq2

1Department of Community Health Sciences, Aga Khan University, Pakistan

2MSc Health Policy & Management Program, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 16, 2019;  Published Date: February 19, 2019


With the growth in the health care industry around the world and introduction to new technologies in the system, the uses of traditional methods in nursing practices are reducing. These modern work practices are meant to reduce human effort without compromising on the quality. Dealing with documentation whereas always has been a major challenge in providing the better health care. The project thus outlines the improving nursing documentation via reducing the written work load to increase work efficiency.

Abbreviations: HN: Head Nurse; CTS: Cardio Thoracic Surgery; RN: Register Nurse; HCA: Health Care Assistance; QMHS: Quality Management in Health Services; JCIA: Joint Omission International Accreditation; PDSA: Plan-Do-Study-Act; CQI: Continuous Quality Improvement; LAMA: Leave Against Medical Advice; CEO: Chief Executive Officer

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