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HPV: Impact on Women’s Lives

Maria Cristina Porto e Silva1* and Vitória Silvério Coelho2

1University of Vale do Sapucaí, UNIVÁS, Brazil

2Graduate of the Nursing course at the University of Vale do Sapucaí, UNIVÁS, Brazil

Corresponding Author

Received Date:April 08, 2021;  Published Date:May 05, 2021


Objective:b> To identify the feelings involved in the discovery of HPV infection and to point out the impacts on the woman’s life after a positive result for human papilloma virus.

Method: This is a descriptive and cross-sectional study, based on a theoretical and methodological basis based on the principles of qualitative research whose data were analyzed according to phenomenological inspiration. The study population consisted of women who had the presence of HPV in the last result of the cytopathological examination. The data were obtained through semi-structured interviews consisting of guiding questions, which, after approval by the ethics committee and authorization of the participants, were recorded.

Result: Nine units of meaning were identified with the following themes: the repercussion in the lives of the participants, the importance of hope after the discovery of HPV, the patient’s uncertainties regarding HPV, the unknown disease, the diagnosis of HPV as an unexpected fact, pointing out the impacts after the discovery of the infection, the impact of the diagnosis on the relationship, confusion of thoughts about the diagnosis, anguish caused by the HPV result, alarmed by the next relationships, without reaction on the exam.

Considerations:b> Sexual behavior is linked to the growth of the diagnosis of human papilloma virus, considering that changes in habits, such as condom use during sexual intercourse even with a steady partner, are necessary for safe sexuality. Feelings of fear and worry happen through an unexpected result, which can contribute to the re-signification of the lived world.

Keywords: Human papillomavirus; Feelings; Women; Nursing

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