Open Access Case Report

Argumentative Essay Paper on Seclusion Usage Among Aggressive Patients in Psychiatric Sitting

Qusai Mohammed Harahsheh*

School of Nursing, The Hashemite University, Jordan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 03, 2019;  Published Date: April 18, 2019


Every person in our world adapt with live challenges in different way, but some people cannot develop ways to cope with this challenge which resulted to mental disorders among this person as a chain of destructive behaviors images. In general, mental illness are inability to cope with different stressors which developed by environment internally or externally, this failure of coping reflected as incongruent feelings, thoughts and behaviors with norms which used locally or culturally, on the same time this maladaptive interfere with people function socially, physically and occupationally [1].

Keywords: Aggressive patients; Seclusion; Proponent studies; Opponent studies; Psychiatric sittings

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