Open Access Opinion

Simulation Training: An Original Pedagogical Tool to Reduce Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Africa

Ndour Daouda1*, Gueye Doudou2 and Gassama Omar3

1Neonatal intensive care unit, Dalal Jamm hospital, Dakar, Senegal

2Children’s hospital, Dalal Jamm, Dakar, Senegal

3Gynecology and obstetrics clinic, Aristide Le Dantec Hospital, Senegal

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 07, 2021;  Published Date: February 05, 2021


In 2019, 2.4 million children worldwide died during their first month of life. There are approximately 7,000 newborn deaths per day, accounting for 47% of all under-five deaths, up from 40% in 1990.

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