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What is Behind Every Fracture We Need to Know?

Huang Wei Ling*

Infectious Diseases, General Practice, Nutrition, Acupuncture and Pain Management. Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, Brazil.

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 28, 2021;  Published Date: August 23, 2021

Editorial Article

The author is writing this study based on things that she observes in her daily clinical practice, during her 29 years of experience in the medical profession [1]. What is happening to the patient who has broken bones that we do not know yet? This article is being written based on the thought of Hippocrates, father of medicine, who says that we must take into account older medicines before current medical practice and therefore, the author will use the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, which have been in existence for over 5,000 years, together with the teachings of Ayurveda medicine, practiced in India, to understand how and what is behind all fractures that Western medicine’s today does not understand or usually does not assess [2].

In all publications of articles written by the author, she always makes an analogy of the different points of view between Western medicine and Chinese medicine, so that readers can understand the different focuses of treatment in which each one gives and what is still lacking in the treatment, leading to different levels of treatment where Western medicine treats in the leaf level and Chinese medicine acts on the root level [3]. When a patient present with a fracture, it is very common general rule that orthopedists ask for an x-ray and they usually immobilize the fractured area to allow time for the bone to heal and calcify the affected area. In the article written by Einhorn and Gerstenfeld (2014) entitled Fracture healing: mechanisms and interventions, the author is saying that fractures are the largest organ that can lead to traumatic injuries to humans. In the fracture repair process, the organ usually can regenerate to a pre-injury cellular composition but in about 10% of these fractures do not heal normally [4].

The author will demonstrate in this article, four patients with different diagnoses and ages and what they have in common are fracture in bone, despite other diagnosis in Western medicine and she will demonstrate the energy alterations that is leading to this propensity to have bone fractures, that is normally not accessed by Western medicine doctors [3]. In clinical case one, it is a 12-yearold male patient who played soccer and suffered a fracture in the fifth toe of his right foot. At that time, he was wearing sneakers suitable for a football boot type. This patient was reported in the article describing his treatment for acne, written by Huang (2020) entitled Energies Imbalances and Chakras’ Energies Deficiencies in the Treatment of Acne [5]. The second clinical case was about a 35-year-old female patient, nursing professor, slipped in a steep place near a river and broke her left wrist, requiring surgery with placement of a titanium plate wrist fixation. The third clinical case was a clinical case of a male patient, 49-years-old, military retired, was riding a bicycle and was almost run over by a truck and in his fall, he fractured 4 ribs on the right side of the right hemi thorax, causing pneumothorax in the right lung.

The fourth clinical case is of a 65-year-old female patient who was being treated for a pain in her right shoulder. One day, she felt dizzy and tried to balance her body on a wall and only with this act of supporting her body on the wall, she had a fracture of her shoulder, probably should have osteoporosis, but still had no radiological proof by tests, such as bone densitometry. What all patients have in common, diagnosed by the author, are that they all had, before they had the fracture, a measurement of the energy of the chakras’ energy centers, showing that all of these patients’ chakras energy centers were completely without energy, with exception of the seventh chakra, that was in normal level, rated in eight.

Chakras’ are energy concentrations that is normally seeing by the naked eyes and each chakra is responsible for sending energy for the proper functioning of all the organs and systems that each chakra command. The chakra that is responsible for the bone is the second chakra, which corresponds to the Kidney energy meridian in Chinese medicine and corresponds to the Water element in the Five Elements theory. According to the article written by Chase (2018) entitled The Geometry of Emotions: Using Chakra Acupuncture and 5-Phase Theory to Describe Personality Archetypes for Clinical Use, there is a correlation between chakra and the five elements in traditional Chinese medicine, so when the author measures the energy of each chakra, she will be measuring the energy of each massive organs (Liver-first chakra, Heart-third chakra, Spleen-fifth chakra, Lung-fourth chakra, Kidney- second chakra) [6].

Each internal massive organ commands the function of one external sensorial organ. For example, Liver commands the functioning of the eyes and vision. So, when the patient had eye problem, Chinese medicine’s physician will treat the Liver and not the eye itself. This reasoning was described by Huang (2019) in an article entitled The Importance of Correcting Energy Imbalances and Chakras Energy Deficiencies in the Treatment of Patients with Glaucoma [7]. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the bone is governed by the energy of the Kidney (second chakra) and this information was also published by Huang (2019) entitled Why patients with knee pain still have symptoms despite the use of anti-inflammatory medications [3]. In the article written by O’Neill and Papapoulos (1997) entitled Can we prevent fractures? the authors are saying that there is insufficient evidence to recommend population preventions strategy or general screening and treatment of those patients considered high risks for bone mineral bone density reduction, as the most rational approach to fracture prevention [8].

The author conducted a research during 2015 and 2020, studying the chakras’ energy centers of a thousand patients, and separated 409 records from these patients. She concluded that 90% of these patients had no energy in all internal massive organs (that corresponds to the chakra one to five) and 97% of this group did not have energy in the second chakra which is the kidney responsible for the bone. These results were published in the article written by Huang (2021) entitled Energy Alterations and Chakras’ Energy Deficiencies and Propensity to SARS-CoV-2 Infection [9].

The treatment energizing these chakras’ energy centers through the homeopathy medications according to the theory created by Huang (2021) entitled Constitutional Homeopathy of the Five Elements based on Traditional Chinese Medicine has been a very important process to treat these patients, because all kinds of chronic diseases nowadays has in it is back-ground chakras’ energy centers deficient in energy, as demonstrated by Huang (2020) in many of her publications such as The Importance of Treating Energy Imbalances and Chakras Replenishment for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, among many others [10,11].

If the physician uses homeopathy medication to treat their patients, this kind of medication will improve the vital energy, that is low in the majority of patients nowadays, as demonstrated in the article written by the author entitled Is the Population in the World the Same as in the Past? This energy alteration in all human being nowadays is probably caused by the pollution between earth and sky (with the modernization of the communication of the 5G, the use of cell phones and computers), as demonstrated by Huang (2021) in the article Energy Alterations and Chakras’ Energy Deficiencies and Propensity to SARS-CoV-2 Infection, and also showed in the article written by her (2018) entitled Can Biomaterial Surgical Implants Influence the Body’s Health? In the third case reported in this article, the first case report patient received surgery treatment putting titanium metallic fixation in the fracture in her left wrists and in the right tibia. In this case reported in this article, this metallic implant can induce more energy deficiency, including the deficiency in the Kidney meridian, as showed in this same article, inducing more propensity to weakness state of her bone [9,12,13]. If the physician uses homeopathy according to the theory wrote by Huang (2020) entitled Constitutional Homeopathy of the Five Elements based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the physician will be able to treat the root of all the disease formation and not just the symptoms [10].

The homeopathy was chosen as the medication of choice to treat all kinds of disease nowadays, according to Arndt Shultz Law, created in 1888, by two German researchers. In this law, they are saying that the use of highly concentrated medications can reduce the vital energy of these patients ( that the author demonstrated in the article she (2021) wrote entitled Energy Alterations and Chakras’ Energy Deficiencies and Propensity to SARS-CoV-2 Infection, that the majority of the patients nowadays are having chakras energy centers deficient in energy) and the use of highly diluted medications are the medications of choice in the treatment of all kinds of diseases, to prevent complications or even death , as demonstrated in this law [9,10]. The homeopathy medications used in this theory is composed by five medications. In the case to tone the Kidney energy centers (second chakra), the physician needs to use Natrum muriaticum. The next organ that it is following the Kidney is the Liver (first chakra) and the medication used in this treatment is Phosphorus. To tone the Heart (third chakra), the physician can use Sulphur and to tone the Spleen (fifth chakra), they can use Calcareous carbonic. To tone the Lung (fourth chakra), they can use Silicea. All these recommendations are published in many articles written by Huang (2019) such as in the article entitled Why Are Diabetic Patients Still Having Hyperglycemia despite Diet Regulation, Antiglycemic Medication and Insulin? [6]

The use of these homeopathy medications should be done according to the sequence of energy flow of generation cycle, in the theory of the Five Elements, where all the internal organs are interconnected. For example, Kidney receives energy from the Lung. And Lung receives energy from the Spleen. This last organ receives energy from the Heart that receives energy from the Liver and the Liver receives energy from the Kidney. These sequences of generation was described in the article Chakras’ Energies Deficiencies as the Cause of Dyspnea Post COVID-19 Treatment [10,14].

Therefore, the author comes to say in this article that patients who have fractures in the bone, must be treated locally, but it must also be investigated in the energy part that commands the bone that, through the study carried out by the author, demonstrating that almost most patients nowadays are without energy in any internal massive organ, demonstrating that the internal organ that commands the bone, is the kidney (second chakra) and it is practically without energy in 97% of the patients evaluated in her study, meaning that we must always treat the fracture site, but we must treat the root of the problem, which is the energy deficiencies that are not normally not visible to the naked eye, that is commanding the bone [3,9].

The integration of Western medicine with Chinese medicine is of paramount importance today for a deeper understanding of the entire formation of all pathological processes that was committed to the implementation of the Flexner report in 1913. In this report, all medical schools that worked with natural medicines such as the schools that were teaching homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, etc. aimed at the treatment of energy level, were banned and considered unscientific by them. Nowadays, they consider only scientific medicine, the alterations that can be proved by radiology or laboratory level [15].

Using this kind of reasoning, they cannot understand the formation of the disease from the beginning, in its energy balances at the energy level. The understanding of the totality of the human being was fragmented in half and therefore we must nowadays go back to thinking about the possibility of integrating these teachings since the human being is basically made of energy, like the universe that we live in, as demonstrated by Capra (1975) in his book Tao of Physics. The understanding of disease formation, from its energy level to the materialization in the human body, is of paramount importance today for a deep understanding of the phenomena that it is occurring inside the body, including the alterations that is occurring in all people that are presenting bone fractures nowadays, that are not treated in their entire nowadays and just treating the symptoms [16,17].



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