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To Evaluate is a Self-Evaluation too Dialectical Features & Knowledge

Almada F1, Fernando C2 and Vicente A3*

1Retired University Professor, Independent Researcher, Portugal

2University of Madeira, CITUR, Portugal

3University of Beira Interior, CIDESD, Portugal

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 16, 2021;  Published Date: July 19, 2021


When we talk about evaluating the immediate reflection is thinking about education. It’s a wrong reflection, as we’ll show. But before, we do not want to fail to state that there are no one-way evaluations, from an evaluator to an evaluated one. An evaluation is like a movement – bodies don’t move (scandal expression for many readers). The movement itself does not exist. There is only movement in relation to a referential. Argument question: what moves is the body or the referential? Accustomed, as we are, to a culture of “blah, blah, blah….,”, in which words are nothing more than that, “words”, without prolongations and consequences, some readers, even those who were scandalized by some aspects of the statements we have just made, thought “ok”, let’s go on. But there is a consequence that we do not intend to let go without the proper lessons being taken. It is that, logically (there is, it is true, always the possibility of considering that logic is “a potato” and does not matter), when there are a “bad evaluation” two possibilities are imposed:

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