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Spine Injuries in Sport

Stroe Alina Zorina1*, Sirbu Carmen Adella2, Docu Axelerad Silviu3, Docu Axelerad Daniel4

1Department of Neurology, University Ovidius, Romania

2Department of Neurology, University Carol Davila, Romania

3Department of Neurology, Student at Vasile Goldis University, Romania

4Department of Sport, Univeristy Ovidius, Romania

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 15, 2020;  Published Date: May 26, 2020


The energy that is transferred through the collisions that occur in sports has the result of a number of critically harmed players every year. In the studies that have been made regarding to contact and noncontact sports it was showed that the most of sport related injuries of the spine are both soft-tissue injuries and self-limiting. The athletic injuries of the spine in a limited quantity have the outcome of significant neurological compromise. The result that appears after a soft tissue injury is the immobilization and the decrease of the performance. In the category of sports that are reported as „collision sports” are encountered the following: football, wrestling, and boxing, which can have results of acute traumatic lesions of the spine. These lesions have a distinct implication because of the common involvement of the cervical spine, that can cause a neurological deficit which targets all four members. Compressive type of stress injury is most commonly encountered in sports where the following elements are found: high body weight and important muscle contraction, such as football and weight lifting.The stress caused by the torsion appears in the throwing action, for example the javelin throwers, baseball players and golfers.

Keywords: Spine; Injury; Sport; Physical activity

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