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Polymorphisms in the TJP1 Gene Like a Marker in the High Fitness Performance and Cardiovascular Risk in Athletes; A Law in Training Sport Club-Centers

Arturo Caballero-Avendaño1, Dalia A Madrigal-Ruiz2, Lilian Arzeta-Pino3, Jareth Marco Cruz Bastida3, Sabina López-Toledo3, Melecio Honorio Juarez-Perez3, Jhonatan Carlos Castro-Juárez3, Claudia, Chavez- Lopez3 and Sergio Alberto Ramirez-Garcia3*

1Graduate Studies Division, Master’s Program in Public Health, Mexico

2Department of Physiology, Immunometabolism and Aging, Mexico

3Molecular Biology, Law and Biotechnology in Health Sciences, Mexico

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 27, 2020;  Published Date: March 10, 2020


The TJP1 gene is a very important gene that can be used as a molecular marker of physical performance, as it has been shown to participate in the absorption of nutrients at the level of intestinal villi (glucose, lipids, solutes, among others) both at paracellular level as in the basement membrane of these cells, which is very important at a nutritional level because a good intestinal absorption ensures a better nutritional status, which favors having better macro and micronutrient reserves, which is a determining factor for high performance

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