Open Access Mini Review

Management of Lateral Elbow Pain with Glucopuncture

Jan Kersschot*

Private Practice, Belgium

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 01, 2021;  Published Date: March 05, 2021


Lateral elbow pain is a common condition which is usually described as a musculotendinous degenerative disorder of the extensor origin at the lateral epicondyle. As a result of its high prevalence, knowledge of its clinical presentation and tailor-made management is essential. Many patients are looking for safe and affordable injection techniques which can accelerate their recovery. Recently, local glucose 5%injections have received more attention when it comes to treating lateral elbow pain. Controlled clinical studies are required to compare the outcome of local glucose 5% injections with cortisone injections or platelet rich plasma injections.

Keywords: Lateral elbow pain; Glucopuncture; Tennis Elbow; Prolotherapy; Trigger point.

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