Open Access Mini Review

Emerging Approaches in Analysis and Evaluation in Sports Science

Ozdemir Galip* and Erogul Osman

Department of Biomedical Engineering, TOBB University of Economics & Technology, Turkey

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 05, 2018;  Published Date: October 16, 2018


It is not an easy task to analyze individual’s performances, especially in team sports. There are numerous variables to be measured and considered to accurate analysis. Training, warm-up, motivation methods, strategies, procedures then can be arranged accordingly. Studies in sports sciences do not generally converge on a single global (optimum) solution, where instead various findings contribute for perpetual advances. In this review, research studies, recent approaches, and limitations are discussed. Moreover, future studies, trending approaches, and new performance analysis techniques are also discussed.

Keywords: Sports Science; Training, Stress; Gps; Physiological signals

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