Open Access Research Article


Dalamagka Maria*

Anesthesiology department, General Hospital of Larissa, Greece

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 09, 2018  Published Date: August 20, 2018


Acupuncture involves the activation of specific points of the skin, usually by inserting needles. Acupuncture was based on the principles of Chinese traditional medicine. Traditional acupuncturists perceived health in terms of a violent force or energy, called Qi, which circulates between organs along channels that are called meridians. The flow of energy “Qi” must have the right strength and quality in each of these meridians and organs, so as to maintain health. Acupuncture points are located along the meridians and can alter the flow of energy and appear to correspond to the terminal nerve endings. There is a distinct difference between traditional and western acupuncture, but the two approaches overlap significantly. Also, traditional acupuncture is not a treatment recorded sometime in history, but there are significant deviations between different acupuncture schools. Two acupuncturists may choose different points, depth of needle penetration and different needle residence times.

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