Open Access Review Article

The Ways and Means of Review on Expert Opinion

Shaofang Wang*

Department of Forensic Science, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 23, 2018;  Published Date: December 17, 2018


Forensic identification is an activity in which experts use science and technology to analyze and judge the material evidence involved in lawsuits and provide opinions. In many countries, expert opinion is one kind of legal evidences. When it is applied in court, it must possess evidence qualifications and probative force. The validity of expert opinions is directly related to the disclosure of case facts, the realization of justice, and the protection of civil legitimate rights and interests. In order to improve the efficiency of expertise review and avoid incorrect acceptance of expert opinions without reliability and validity, the review system must be improved and perfected comprehensively. And lots of provisions about the review should be refined further, such as how to perfect the expert assistant system, establish the review rule, select the review method, and so on.

Keywords: Way; Review; Expert opinion; Forensic science

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