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The Unique Composition and Stability of Water-Fuel Emulsion

Yu V Vorobiev1, NA Voronin1, AE Lomovskikh2 and AV Dunaev3*

1Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Russia

2Military Training and Research Center of the Air Force Academy, Russia

3Doctor of Technical Sciences, Chief Specialist, Federal Agricultural Research Center VIM, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: May 08, 2019;  Published Date: May 21, 2019


The aim of the research is to analyze the use of water-fuel emulsions (WFE) and to develop a method for producing highly stable WFE with a high-water content. The method is based on the introduction and mixing in diesel fuel (DF) complex hydrophobic emulsifiers, the introduction and mixing in distilled water of a complex of hydrophilic emulsifiers, blending compositions fuel and water, mixing them, introducing the mixture and an additional stabilizing oil components and the mechanical and chemical treatment pumping of a mixture of 3.5 min. at a flow rate of 10 cm/s in combined static mixer-activator according to the patent of Russian Federation No. 2411074. At the end of long studies received a unique and more annual durability of WFE, that contains 65% diesel fuel, 33% water and 2% of the com-plex emulsifiers. Hematologically and chromatographic analyses of WFE showed its compliance with the technical regulations on motor fuels. It is mainsheet consumption of diesel fuel by 9%, costs 25 rub. /l. The proportion of light hydrocarbons in WFE up to С15Н32 more than in activated and significantly more than in non-activated DF. And the proportion of heavy hydrocarbons in WFE, since С16Н34, distinctly less than in non-activated and activated DF «Euro». Repeated control of WFE showed the immutability of its properties. A comparison of the spectrograms of the water and WFE showed no water in WFE. Modification of fuels and WFE is explained by mechano-chemistry in the activator. And its further continuation has no proper explanation. It is possible that it is caused by active radicals formed in the activator. The prevalence of light and lower content of heavy components in WFE is extraordinary and indicates the high efficiency of the activator and the uniqueness of the obtained WFE.

Keywords:Diesel fuel; Water; Emulsifiers; Activator; Chromatograph; Fractional composition; Irreversibility; Mechano-chemistry

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